Awesome presentation – loved it!  Lots of practical information.
Sharon – Childcare Provider

Just wanted to thank you for coming yesterday.  I heard nothing but great comments about your presentation and the materials.  I heard some things I didn’t know and I had been doing lots of research on this subject as a new grandma so was really happy to hear it.  I talked to the licensing manager and she was very excited about it as well.  Again, thanks for your time and efforts – they were very appreciated.
Connie – DCFS

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Childcare Facts

  • Infants in the first week of childcare are at the greatest risk.
  • SIDS victims appear to be normal healthy infants prior to their death.
  • Studies have shown as much as an 18 times increased risk of SIDS for infants unaccustomed to sleeping on their stomachs.
  • A Disproportionate number of babies die in childcare homes.  Based on childcare statistics and infant mortality statistics, 9% of babies would be expected to die in childcare; however, the number is closer to 20%.
  • Characteristics of Infants Who Die of SIDS in Child Care.
    • More likely to occur between 8 am & 4 pm
    • Older infant
    • More educated parents
    • Not African-American
    • Last placed on stomach (prone)
    • Found on stomach (prone) when usual sleep position side or supine.


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All information given at this site is in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations to reduce sleep related deaths in infants.  Since no single cause has been identified, babies can and do die when all the guidelines have been followed.